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Our Hamilton plant is Corbec’s 5th location. The facility features fully automated material handling and state of the art environmental protection making it the largest, highest capacity and most cost-effective galvanizing operation in North America.

The new Corbec Ontario facility is uniquely designed to protect the surrounding environment in many ways.

Hot-dip galvanized steel has always been a uniquely sustainable end product. Zinc is environmentally benign and beneficial metal and its application to steel is a unique process that positively contributes towards building a sustainable future. Coating steel with zinc through the hot-dip galvanizing process protects it from corrosion thereby providing decades of additional maintenance-free longevity. Additionally, both its primary components; zinc and steel, are abundant, and 100% recyclable, making hot-dip galvanized steel an infinitely renewable building material.

However, in traditional galvanizing plants the galvanizing process itself does present environmental dangers due to air, soil and groundwater contamination. Corbec’s commitment to sustainability and the environment address entirely these concerns with traditional plants with a suite of technologies that profoundly protect against all three of these risk areas.

Already proven in our modern Quebec facilities our state-of-the-art Hamilton facility raises the bar even further. All surface preparation is done within giant sealed chambers within the building. Three separate barrier layers and automatic testing wells protect soil and ground water from any possible contamination. The process generates zero waste or even flow into sewage or storm water systems.

These sealed chambers are also maintained under constant negative pressure to prevent any leakage of vapors or particulate into the building, thereby ensuring clean and safe working environment for all employees. Associated scrubbers and baghouses treat exhaust emissions to just a tiny fraction of permissible governmental standards.

Just as Corbec was the first galvanizer in Canada to integrate these protection systems in all our new facilities over the last decade we are now also the first galvanizer to further protect our environment with capture, containment, testing and treatment of all rainwater on the property. Thereby providing additional environmental protection of not just soil and groundwater but also protecting municipal stormwater systems from surge flood dangers. Instead, the rainfall is allowed to naturally rehydrate the water table with no contamination risk.

These advanced equipment installations are concrete examples of our sustainability commitment in action. Your decision to galvanize with Corbec Ontario makes a real difference in the quality of our environment.

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