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Problem The Cost of Corrosion to Canadian Taxpayers is $63 Billion Annually*

*Materials Performance Study - June 2021

Solution "Hot-Dip" Galvanizing is the metallurgical bond between molten zinc and steel affording a lifetime of corrosion protection

We can provide galvanizing service to fabricators, erectors, contractors and steel suppliers.

Our experience and expertise encompasses a broad range of applications such as: agriculture, bridge and highway construction, electrical utility infrastructure (towers and poles), O-E-M (original equipment manufacturers), rebar and bent rebar.

Our process

Our Process

High Quality, Responsive, Value Oriented, Problem-Solving, Solutions Provider…these words all stem from one of our core values, which is Innovation. At Corbec Ontario we are continuously putting our efforts towards ensuring our customers needs are not only met but exceeded. We stand behind our service by utilizing only the most state of art technology in our process abilities.


Our People

Our People

At Corbec Ontario, our most valuable assets are our people and we are committed to their well-being and continuous growth.
Join a Canadian company that values its employees.


Our Facility

Our facility

Not only does hot-dip galvanizing provide decades of maintenance-free longevity but its primary components, zinc and steel, are natural, abundant, and 100% recyclable, making hot-dip galvanized steel an infinitely renewable building material.